Lash-Ups: A Toolkit for Location-Aware Mash-Ups

picture of Lash-Up client on phone and Lash-Ups logo

Project Abstract

Mash-ups of web content are quickly growing in popularity due to an increasing amount of public APIs for web ser-vices. Similarly, web-enabled cellular phones are becoming increasingly pervasive. We present Lash-Ups, a toolkit that enables programmers to create mash-up-like location-aware web services for phones. This toolkit solves two fundamental problems. First, it provides a simple, standard API for programmers to use locations of users as an input to their Lash-Ups. Second, it provides a way for programmers to distribute their Lash-Ups to users based on location. We support both push- and pull-based applications, and our platform runs on commodity GSM cellular phones.


Joel Brandt and Scott R. Klemmer. Lash-Ups: A Toolkit for Location-Aware Mash-Ups. Poster, ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), Montreux, Switzerland. 2006.


Lash-Ups Video - High Resolution (H.264/AAC, 26 MB)
Lash-Ups Video - Low Resolution (MPEG-4/AAC, 16 MB)

Lash-Ups Poster - High Resolution (PDF, 2.3 MB)
Lash-Ups Poster - Low Resolution (PDF, 261 KB)


All software will be released soon as open source under the BSD license.

The complete Lash-Ups API Specification will be available soon.


Joel Brandt
Scott Klemmer


Joel Brandt (jbrandt at stanford dot edu)