iStuff: A Physical User Interface Toolkit for Ubiquitous Computing Environments

iStuff is a project that includes a toolkit of physical devices, and a flexible software infrastructure. These components were designed to simplify the exploration of novel interaction techniques in the post-desktop era of multiple users, devices, systems and applications collaborating in an interactive environment. The toolkit leverages the iROS infrastructure, making it lightweight and platform independent. The supporting software framework includes a configurable "Patch Panel" intermediary to simplify the dynamic mapping of devices to applications. Researchers that utilize this toolkit are able to rapidly integrate physical user interfaces into their own applications.


iStuff input components that can be used as stand-alone input devices or as building blocks for more complex physical user interface devices.



One researcher in was inspired by the toolkit to add physical components that allow users to participate in altering the music in his interactive club application. The picture shows a clubber with the iSlider that is configured to be a high frequency filter.