FlowMenu: Combining command, text, and parameter entry with an integrated context menu

The FlowMenu is a command-entry system for interactive display surfaces with pen-based input. It was designed for the Interactive Mural, a custom-built, large, high resolution, wall-mounted display, but FlowMenu can be used with any device that accepts stylus input (direct or indirect). The FlowMenu integrates capabilities of previously separate mechanisms such as marking menus and Quikwriting, and facilitates the entry of multiple commands. While using this menu, the pen never has to leave the active surface so that consecutive menu selections, data entry (text and parameters) and direct manipulation tasks can be integrated fluidly. The FlowMenu is a key component of the PostBrainstorm interaction environment for large high-resolution direct-interaction displays.

FlowMenu interaction integrates smoothly with direct manipulation. Here after selecting the move action from the root menu (a), the user continues directly with the drag interaction (b,c).