Ex-A-Sketch: Wizard of Oz Sketch Animation for Experience Prototyping

Project Overview

Ex-A-Sketch is a Wizard of Oz animation system that turns whiteboard drawings into remote controlled projected animations in a matter of minutes to enable experience prototyping. A mash-up architecture integrates commercial design tools into Ex-A-Sketch to leverage designers’ existing expertise.


Ubicomp'06 video, July 2006
H.264 Quicktime version (MOV, 32MB), MPEG-2 version (MPEG, 50MB).

Video prototype, May 2006
h.264 version (MP4 , 26MB)


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Hartmann, B., Doorley, S., Kim, S., Vora, P.
Wizard of Oz Sketch Animation for Experience Prototyping.
To be published in video proceedings of Ubicomp 2006, September 2006. 2 pages.

Slides (Flash .SWF file - right arrow advances, space bar starts videos) presented in June 2006 at the d.school's Final Project Presentation session for the Experience Prototyping class.


Björn Hartmann (bjoern at cs dot stanford dot edu)
Scott Doorley
Parul Vora
Sohyeong Kim