FieldTools: Technology Support for Biologists
Ron B Yeh


This research explored tools for field biologists to collect, organize, and share their research. These tools comprise mobile components (e.g., an in-the-field photo annotation tool) and lab components (e.g., the ButterflyNet interface for viewing multiple data sources linked by their metadata, such as time and location).

Iterative Design and Evaluation of an Event Architecture for Pen-and-Paper Interfaces

Ron B. Yeh, Andreas Paepcke, and Scott Klemmer
UIST: ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, 2008

ButterflyNet: A Mobile Capture and Access System for Field Biology Research

Ron B. Yeh, Chunyuan Liao, Scott R. Klemmer, François Guimbretière, Brian Lee, Boyko Kakaradov, Jeannie Stamberger, Andreas Paepcke
CHI: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2006

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Designing Interactions that Combine Pen, Paper, and Computer

Ron Bing Yeh
PhD, 2007

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Pointer: Multiple Collocated Display Inputs Suggests New Models for Program Design and Debugging

Marcello Bastea-Forte, Ron Yeh, Scott R. Klemmer
UIST: Extended Abstracts, 2007

DigiPost: Writing on Post-its with Digital Pen to Support Collaborative Editing Tasks on Tabletop Displays

Hao Jiang, Ron B. Yeh, Terry Winograd, Yuanchun Shi
UIST: Extended Abstracts, 2007

Diamond's Edge: From Notebook to Table and Back Again

Michael Bernstein, Avi Robinson-Mosher, Ron Yeh, Scott Klemmer
Ubicomp: Posters, 2006

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Interactive Gigapixel Prints: Large, Paper-Based Interfaces for Visual Context and Collaboration

Ron Yeh, Joel Brandt, Jonas Boli, and Scott R Klemmer
Ubicomp: Videos, 2006

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Anoto Business Case on September 14, 2006

VDI Nachrichten on December 16, 2005 - Germany

Stanford Report on December 7, 2005 - Stanford, CA

World Changing Blog on December 6, 2005



ButterflyNet Source Code (2006-05-24)


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