Where the Wild Things Work: Capturing Shared Physical Design Workspaces

Wendy Ju, Arna Ionescu, Lawrence Neeley and Terry Winograd
CSCW: ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Workshop on Shared Environments to Support Face-to-Face Collaboration, 2004
We have built and tested WorkspaceNavigator, which supports knowledge capture and reuse for teams engaged in unstructured, dispersed, and prolonged collaborative design activity in a dedicated physical workspace. It provides a coherent unified interface for post-facto retrieval of multiple streams of data from the work environment, including overview snapshots of the workspace, screenshots of in-space computers, whiteboard images, and digital photos of physical objects. This paper describes the design of WorkspaceNavigator and identifies key considerations for knowledge capture tools for design workspaces, which differ from those of more structured meeting or classroom environments. Iterative field tests in workspace environments for student teams in two graduate Mechanical Engineering design courses helped to identify features that augment the work of both course participants and design researchers.