SUEDE: Iterative, Informal Prototyping for Speech Interfaces

Anoop K Sinha, Scott R Klemmer, Jack Chen, James A Landay, Cindy Chen
Extended Abstracts of ChI 2001: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2001
SUEDE is a speech interface prototyping tool that enables rapid, iterative creation of prompt-response speech interfaces. It explicitly supports iterative design, allowing a designer to quickly create an interface prototype, conduct user studies, and analyze the test data in a single tool. SUEDE offers an electronically supported Wizard of Oz (WOz) technique that captures user test data. Before building the tool that we present here, we built a paper and an interactive prototype and tested the prototypes with a total of fifteen users. We also interviewed six professional speech UI designers at their workplace about their current design practice. These designers encouraged us to build a tool that lets them start with examples when designing and simulate recognition error during testing. Our current tool is a culmination of this iterative design.