Trading Design Spaces: Exchanging Ideas on Physical Design Environments

Wendy Ju, Margot Brereton, Michael Haller, Scott R Klemmer, Brian Lee, Amanda Parkes, Dan Rosenfeld
CHI: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2004
Physical design environments are places that support people engaged in the spatial, physical, tangible act of creation. It is now possible to augment workspaces with an amazing array of technologies to assist users in their creative endeavors. However, the integration of computing technologies into physical environments involves a new set of tools, technologies, principles and practices. In this panel, researchers working on the challenges of physical design support present their work through a walkthrough of their prototype work environments. Each environment will then be “remodeled” by a fellow researcher using his or her own approach, tools, and design philosophy. The goal of this session will be to explore the large variety of potential applications, tools, technologies, interfaces, and processes used by those working to augment the creative physical world.