QuizCram: A Question-Driven Video Studying Interface

Geza Kovacs
CHI: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2015
QuizCram is a question-focused format for navigating and reviewing lecture videos. QuizCram shows users a question to answer, with an associated video segment. Users navigate through the video segments by answering questions. We also allow users to review using a timeline of previously answered questions and videos. To encourage users to review questions, QuizCram keeps track of their question-answering and video-watching history and recommends users to review questions they have not fully mastered. QuizCram-format courses can be generated automatically from lectures with in-video quizzes, though the format is flexible enough to accommodate multiple questions per video segment. Our user study comparing QuizCram to in-video quizzes found that users practice answering and reviewing questions more when using QuizCram, and are better able to remember answers to questions they encountered.