TaskGenies: Automatically Providing Action Plans Helps People Complete Tasks

Nicolas Kokkalis, Thomas Koehn, Johanes Huebner, Moontae Lee, Florian Schulze, Scott Klemmer
ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 2013
People complete tasks more quickly when they have concrete plans. However, they often fail to create such action plans. (How) can systems provide these concrete steps automatically? This article demonstrates that these bene?ts can also be realized when these plans are created by others or reused from similar tasks. Four experiments test these approaches, ?nding that people indeed complete more tasks when they receive externally-created action plans. To automatically provide plans, we introduce the Genies work?ow that combines bene?ts of crowd wisdom, collaborative re?nement, and automation. We demonstrate and evaluate this approach through the TaskGenies system, and introduce an NLP similarity algorithm for reusing plans. We demonstrate that it is possible for people to create action plans for others, and we show that it can be cost effective.



This project is known for: Task management , Crowdsourcing , action plans , implementation intentions , time management