txt 4 l8r: Lowering the Burden for Diary Studies Under Mobile Conditions

Joel Brandt, Noah Weiss, and Scott R. Klemmer
CHI: Work-in-progress, 2007
We present and evaluate a new technique for performing diary studies under mobile or active conditions. Diary studies play an important role as a means for ecologically valid participant data capture. Unfortunately, when participants are asked to capture data while mobile or active, they are often unwilling or unable to invest time in thorough, reflective entries. Ultimately, this leads to lowered entry quality and quantity. The technique presented here suggests the capture of only small snippets of information in the field. These snippets then serve as prompts for participants when completing full diary entries at a convenient time. We describe how this system automates collection of snippets via text (SMS), picture (MMS) and voicemail messages and later presents these snippets for full entry elicitation. We then present results from a preliminary evaluation of this technique.


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