The Interactive Workspaces Project: Experiences with Ubiquitous Computing Rooms

Brad Johanson, Armando Fox, Terry Winograd
IEEE Pervasive Computing Special Issue on Overviews of Real-World Ubiquitous Computing Environments, 2002
The Interactive Workspaces project was started at Stanford University in mid-1999 as an extension of a project to investigate interaction with large high resolution displays. It was initially set up in a busy laboratory where the device proved to be no more than a curiosity, since it could not be practically used for long periods of time and offered little integration with other devices. It became clear that the potential of a large display device would emerge through its embedding in a ubiquitous computing environment that provided for sustained realistic interactive use. The interactive workspaces project was founded to investigate the design and use of rooms containing one or more large displays with the ability to integrate portable devices and to create applications integrating the use of multiple devices in the space.