What is lecturely?

Covid-19 has led to drastic changes in the worldwide education system, pushing a majority of students into the online learning environment. College students across the board are currently struggling with engagement, motivation, and accountability, and incoming freshmen are hit especially hard.

Lecturely wants to improve the online learning experience by bringing students together and motivating them to collaborate and interact as they would in an in-person setting. With the help of advanced AI methods and Stanford-based research , lecturely is able to intelligently pause and ask questions of students to improve learning outcomes.

The Team

  • Jake W.

    App + Web Developer

  • Paulina A.

    Product Manager

  • David E.

    Designer + Developer

  • Elena W.

    Designer + Developer

The Prototypes

Have fun exploring our prototypes!

  • Low-fi See the first stage, low-fi Balsamiq prototype
  • Med-fi Test run the second stage, medium-fi prototype
  • High-fi Experience the final stage, high-fi Figma prototype

The Design Process