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autumn 2008

CS294H: Social Software

Thursdays (and some Tuesdays), 3:15pm - 5:05pm, Wallenberg 124

Many of the most successful web applications are social, from personalized homepages to social networks. You will learn the fundamental interface, systems, and algorithms concepts in designing social software. The case-based syllabus will cover insights from both research and industry. As a student, you will contribute to this burgeoning field through a quarter-long, team-based project. Students are required to enter the class with an initial project idea.

Students in this course are encouraged to attend CS547, the HCI seminar, on Fridays from 12:30 - 2:00pm.

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Studio: Submit homework, view others' work, and see your grades at this link. Use your SUNet Username / Password to log in.

syllabus & readings

  Tuesday Thursday
Week 1   September 25
Week 2 September 30
Inspirational Designs and Discovery Reading: Contextual Inquiry
October 2
Storyboard Reading: Understanding Comics
Week 3 October 7
Paper and Video Prototype Reading: Paper Prototyping
October 9
HTML Mockups of all pages and Page Flow & User Testing I
Week 4 October 14
Design Doc — High Level System Architecture Reading: Fix Time and Budget, Flex Scope and Half, Not Half-Assed
October 16
No class, just office hours
Week 5   October 23
Engineering Meeting
Week 6   October 30
Engineering Meeting
Week 7   November 6
Alpha Version Due
Week 8   November 13
Beta Version Due
Week 9   November 20
Beta-test results and Test Plan due; Launch!
Week 10   November 27
Thanksgiving Holiday
Week 10   December 4
Testing Results Due
Finals Week Monday, 12/8 3:30-6:30PM
Final Presentations
Note: If you'd like to annotate PDFs on Windows, check out PDF Viewer.

books referenced in the course

requirements & grading


Attendance and participation in class is mandatory.

Grading: Each assignment is graded out of a set amount of points (these can be seen on each assignment's page). These points, combined with class/studio participation (75 points), add up to a total of 1000 points.

late work & absence policy

No late assignments will be accepted, but you may submit them early.