Stanford University – Winter 2013
Tues & Thurs. 1:15-3:05pm, CERAS 300
CS247L: Thur 6-7.50pm, d.school, Studio 1

Jeffrey Heer – Tu 9:30-10:45, Gates 375
Michael Bernstein – Th 3:30-5:15, Gates 308

Course Assistants
Arvind Satyanarayan – Wed 4-5, Gates 3rd Floor Atrium
Molly Mackinlay – Mon 2:30-4, Gates 3rd Floor Atrium
Vidya Ramesh – Wed 1-3, Gates 3rd Floor Atrium (Week of 03/05 arrange OH by email)

Enrolled students must complete the Course Application.

CS247 is a theoretical and practical exploration of Human Computer Interaction design.

Successful participants will become well-versed in observation, sketching, brainstorming, bodystorming, personas, end user testing, iterative prototypes, design presentations, etc - and - have practical experience using these techniques for design projects.

We offer an optional 1-unit lab covering design tools and technologies relevant to the course. We intend the lab to enrich the academic content of the course!

There are no formal prerequisites, but CS147 Introduction to HCI is strongly recommended. CS107 or equivalent programming experience is required.


CS247 summary (courtesy Mike Krieger). Full-size video.

Upcoming Project Milestones

P4 Gestural Interfaces - weekly deliverables.
P3 Observation & Brainstorming - Due Th 1/31 in class.
P2 Shadowboxing - Due Tu 1/22 in class.
P1 Thoughtless Acts - Due Th 1/10 in class.

Final Projects
  1. Perfect Fit
  2. SpeechHero
  3. Flow
  4. SwipeShow
  5. CollabJoy
  6. Dance — Best Project award
  7. ShowerPower
  8. Spaatify
  9. Cat Motion — Wendy Ju's special recognition award
  10. Kitchen Hero — Scott Snibbe's special recognition award
  11. GestuRater
  12. Brogammers
  13. World Window
  14. Gesturoids
  15. Nextbook
  16. StoryAlive — Bill Verplank's special recognition award
  17. Code Builder
  18. derive
  19. JARVIS
  20. SmartCart — Instructors' special recognition award

Please feel free to e-mail us at cs247@cs.stanford.edu if you have any questions.