Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

January 4

Course Introduction

Assign: P1: Thoughtless Acts,
P1: Grading rubric

Assign: Idea Logs

Read: What's an Idea Log?

January 5

CS 247L: Sketching (Bill Verplank)

January 6

Studio: P1 Discussion

Due: P1

Assign: P2: Fieldwork,
P2: Grading rubric

Read: Suri excerpts, Thoughtless acts site, d.school on observing


January 11

Observations and bodystorming
Guest: Brian Hoffer

Due: P2 Fieldwork

Reading: The Roles of Role Playing in the Design Process

January 12

CS 247L: Basic Android Tutorial

January 13

Studio: Skit presentations and discussion

Due: P2 Skits

Assign P3: Mobile Ambient Display, P3: Grading rubric


January 18


Due: Idea Logs

Read: The Data-Driven Life, Beyond Total Capture

January 19

CS 247L: Mobile Application Development, Continued

January 20

Team Formation
(& Project Speed Dating)

Due: P3

Assign: P4 Project: Lifelogging,
Form Final Project Teams


January 25

Studio: Project Brainstorming
Guest: Kristian Simsarian (IDEO)

Due: Project Team Formation, Selection of Problem Area

Read: d.school handouts on synthesizing, Brainstorming and POV.

January 26

CS 247L: Web Development and AppEngine

January 27

Studio: Project Pitches

Due: Project Team Presentation

Read: d.school on prototyping


February 1

Lifestyle Design
Guest: Tim Ferriss (4-Hour Work Week)

Due: Project Plan

February 2

CS 247L: Meet with coaches
(for all who can come)

February 3

Studio: Update & Critique

Due: First Design Iteration


February 8

Persuasive Technology
Guest: Neema Moraveji (Stanford)

February 9

CS 247L: Information Visualization

February 10

Participatory Data / Citizen Science
Guests: Christine Robson (IBM)

Due: Progress report


February 15

Mental Health
Guest: Niels Rosenquist (Harvard)

February 16

CS 247L: Mining Large Data

February 17

Studio: Update & Critique

Due: Next Design Iteration.


February 22

Citizen Medicine
Guest: Chris Hogg

February 23

CS 247L: Facebook Integration, Group Work Time

February 24

Studio: Group Design Critiques

Due: Progress report


March 1

Guest: Arvind Narayan (Stanford)

March 2

CS 247L: User-Tesing

March 3

Studio: User Test Feedback & Iteration

Due: User Test Results, Idea Log for Review


March 8

Guest: Nicholas Felton (Feltron)

March 9

CS 247L: Presentation Exercises + Hackathon

March 10

Studio: Presentation Practice

Present 2.5 minute presentation + 5 minute demonstration of your team's prototype and test results.

Due: Refined Prototype and short presentation

Final Presentations - Mon 3/14, 6-9pm, d.school


Please feel free to e-mail us at cs247@cs.stanford.edu if you have any questions.