Welcome - Let's dance!

The Dance Instructor has been our baby over the past 10 weeks in Stanford University's CS 247 - Human Computer Interaction Design Studio. It is a project that helps people learn to dance, and the time we've spent building, testing, designing, and hammering it together has given our small team of dedicated Stanford students a lifetime's worth of development experience. For your enjoyment, we've put together this tiny site to detail the whole experience.

  • We began our journey at a children museums but ended up creating a device for adults. See how we got sidetracked.
  • It took a LOT of user testing to figure out design details. It was actually a pretty fun process. Check it out.
  • Our technology really ended up focusing our project's direction. We learned a lot about technology's role in general in design.
  • In the end, the real reward was seeing people's faces light up as they tried to keep up with the machine. It was great.

All along the way, we had the chance to bond with new people, play with some new technologies, and learn a little bit more about interaction design. We hope you have as much fun taking a look at our work as we had putting it all together. Thank you for visiting!