User Experience Design Project
Winter 2020
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We held the third annual CS194H User Experience Software Design Launch Party on 3/15/2019. Thanks to all the students and the guests who came out!

Congratulations to all the students on a job well done! You can see photos from the launch party here.


The dt+UX^2 course (CS194H) focuses on bringing design thinking, processes, and tools to human-computer interaction. Students in the course continue to improve on the designs they created in the prior quarter's course (CS147).


Prototyping turns ideas into tangible forms that can be included or excluded in the next design iteration. Students in the dt+UX^2 course focus on impoving their hi-fidelity protypes running on the target platform.


Evaluation is how we choose whether a design or feature moves forward in our process or needs to be discarded or revised. Students in the dt+UX^2 course apply usability testing in the lab and in the field to improve their designs.