Making Dreams Accessible


the mobile web app that assists low-income and minority students in finding and exploring their passions

Explore to Discover Interests

Exposes students to interests, professions, and opportunities they might enjoy.

Save Interests You Love

Saves "liked" interests and professions so students can refer back as needed.

Find Low Cost Opportunities

Filters opportunities so students can find programs that best fit their needs.


Why Connect?


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POV, HMW, Prototypes

Concept Video

Low-Fi Prototype

Medium-Fi Prototype

Heuristic Evaluation

High-Fi Prototype

Poster and Pitch Slide

Project Recap

Lab Usability

Buisness Model

High-Fi Prototype #2

Field Usability Study

Hi-Fi Prototype #3

Video Prototype #3

Final Poster and Report


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  • September 2015

    Concept Prototype

    At this stage in development the team divided to brainstorm methods of increasing low-income and minority students' accessibility to higher education. Connect was one of the concept designs!

  • Early October 2015

    Paper Prototype

    Our first attempt at building Connect was a low fidelity paper prototype. We tested this prototype with multiple users to find areas for improvement and features that should be retained.

  • Late October 2015

    Medium Fidelity Prototype

    Our second attempt at building Connect utilized Wizard of Oz techniques to simulate the app running. We revised our original concept based on feedback from user tests.

  • Early December 2015

    High Fidelity Prototype

    Our first working version of Connect is a mobile web app that uses Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS and HTML. This version has a working professions quiz and filter options for opportunities.

  • Early February 2016

    Hi-Fi Prototype #2

    With new inspiring members, came game-changing innovations. We decide to change frameworks to a MEAN stack and shift our focus. Connect now encourages self exploration through interactive swiping and makes independantly finding opportunities gratifying simple.

  • Late February 2016

    Hi-Fi Prototype #3

    Our team came together during crunchtime to make our Marvel app a reality. We have fully functioning users, explore, search, and profile pages. There is even a tutorial for first time users!

Our Amazing Team

Betsy Alegria

BS Symbolic Systems, '16

Jasmine Guillory

B.A.S. CS + History, '17

Sage Isabella

BS Computer Science, '16

Vicki Lau

BS Symbolic Systems, '16

Andrew Molina

MS Computer Science, '16