Your ethical shopping companion.

CoCo helps you maintain ethical shopping habits by keeping you informed on the values of where you shop. Your new pet will help you navigate company history and ethics, compare similar brands, and give you feedback on your shopping, all customized to your personal values.

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Meet CoCo!

Your new ethical pet is devoted to making you the Conscious Consumer you dream to be. CoCo can fetch you the newspaper to learn more about any company, sniff out brands that align with your personal values, and so much more. If you use CoCo often, you 'll also earn Bones that you can use to unlock accessories for your companion.

Tell CoCo what you care about and customize your companion

Fetch information about brand ethics

Compare brands based on values you care about

Sniff your receipt to get feedback on your shopping

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Our Team

Daphne S.
Savannah P.
Sreya G.
Rhett O.
CoCo was made for CS 147, Stanford University Winter 2022