Life is Much Easier When You Pool Grocery Runs

Bringing friends and families an efficient shopping experience by pooling grocery runs.

Manage and Share Shopping List

Manage your personal grocery list efficiently. You can add items by scanning barcodes, or attach photos and memos to your items. You can also share your list with group members.

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Get Rewards For Shopping For Each Other

Shop for your friends and families while shopping for yourself. After you shop, submit your receipts and Piggybag will request a charge on your friend's Venmo or Credit Card.

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Discover Shopping Opportunities

Maybe you're near a shopping center. Maybe you're friends really need something. Maybe something on your shopping list is on sale. If anything, PiggyBag will let you know!

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Through PiggyBag, you can collectively manage shopping lists, shop for your friends, and discover exciting shopping opportunities. Join with your family members, housemates, or dorm-mates. PiggyBag means no more items left out, and fewer, yet more efficient grocery runs.

Manage and Share Shopping Lists

PiggyBag provides powerful tools to help you manage your Shopping Lists. With PiggyBag on your back, you will never miss out on any items on your grocery runs!

  • Prioritize Items that You Really Need
  • Easily Add Products With Barcodes
  • Attach Memos And Pictures To Your Items

Shop for Others and Get Rewards

When you are done shopping for your friends or families, just attach the receipt. PiggyBag will automatically charge appropriate amounts to your friends!

  • Auto-scan and itemize receipt
  • Supports Venmo and Credit/Debit Cards
  • Tip the shoppers -Optional

Discover Shopping Opportunities

How about going on a shopping adventure with PiggyBag? PiggyBag will let you know when's the best time to go.

  • When your friends need something urgently
  • When what you need is on sale
  • When you are near a shopping center

Development Process

Curious about the story behind the birth of PiggyBag? PiggyBag is a brainchild of a thorough, 3-month long Design Thinking Process, by Fabian, James, Simon and Srinivas. The project was guided by the Professor and the Staffs of CS147.


Finding the Need

  • Needfinding in the Field
  • Interviews

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Define / Ideate

Understanding the need

  • POV/HMW Statements
  • Experience Prototyping

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Concept Video

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Low-Fi Prototype

  • Concept sketch of UI
  • Constructing Low-Fi Prototype

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Med-Fi Prototype

  • Initial Iteration of the Interface
  • Constructed using Invision




Heuristic Evaluation

  • Feedbacks on Task Flows & Design
  • Constructing Group HE Report

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  • Communicating the story
  • Demo of PiggyBag


Pitch Deck

The PiggyBag Team

This is the PiggyBag Team, driven to streamline the way people shop for groceries. With us, running mundane errands could be a much smaller part of your life.

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Jin Woo Y.

Designer, Web Designer

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Srinivas M.


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Service Designer