We set out to tackle the dreaded problem artists of all levels face during the creation process – the block. The block is when artists become too attached to their work but are unable to see a path forward in their work that satisfies them.

Artbot frees artists from this mode of thinking using a gameified approach coupled with long-term check-ins; in other words, Artbot is designed to improve your creative adaptability.

Med-Fi Prototype

Try our medium-fidelity prototype, made with Figma.

Hi-Fi Prototype

Try our high-fidelity prototype, made with React Native.

Prototype (.zip) Readme (.pdf)

Design Process


Exploring and unpacking students' common problems.

Presentation (.pdf) Presentation (.pptx)

Experience Prototypes

Designing experiences to test user assumptions.

Written Report (.pdf) Presentation (.pdf) Presentation (.pptx)

Concept Video

Visualizing the user experience.

Video (YouTube) Video (.mov) Presentation (.pdf) Presentation (.pptx)

Lo-Fi Prototype

Sketching design realizations and testing usability.

Written Report (.pdf) Presentation (.pdf) Presentation (.pptx)

Med-Fi Prototype

Digitizing prototypes into a more tangible environment.

Prototype (Figma) Readme (.pdf) Presentation (.pdf) Presentation (.pptx)

Heuristic Evaluation

Receiving feedback from our peers.

Written Report (.pdf)

Hi-Fi Prototype

Realizing our prototype into a functioning application.

Prototype (.zip) Readme (.pdf) Presentation (.pdf) Presentation (.pptx) Written Report (.pdf)

Poster & Pitch

Presenting our final work at the d.school.

Poster (.jpg) Pitch Slide (.jpg)

Our Team

We are Articulate, a team of creators coming from dance, music, and theater backgrounds, and we are motivated to reinvigorate the creativity of artists in fun, engaging ways.