Concept video

Let visitors experience tours from multiple perspectives, in customizable directions,
and at their own paces — and enable people passionate about a place
to create and share their unique stories and insights.

Project Progress

From whiteboard sketches to high-fidelity prototype.

  • 9 Oct 2014

    Contextual Inquiry and Task Analysis

    We experienced a guided tour of Stanford campus. We interviewed expert storytellers and observed museum visitors.

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    See our presentation: PDF | PPTX
  • 16 Oct 2014

    Concept video and sketches

    We shaped our conceptual vision for unGuided into a video, which illustrates how we saw our target customers using the application.

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    Watch the video: YouTube | MP4
  • 23 Oct 2014

    Low fidelity prototype

    We created a paper prototype and captured it in POP, a paper prototyping application. Three users tested the prototype; we observed them complete the tasks and collected feedback.

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    See our presentation: PDF | PPTX
    Try our prototype
  • 30 Oct 2014

    Medium fidelity prototype

    Using feedback from our low-fidelity prototype tests, we refined the UI and UX and created an interactive medium-fidelity prototype with inVision.

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    See our presentation: PDF | PPTX
    Try our prototype | README
  • 6 Nov 2014

    Heuristic evaluation report

    Other students in the class ran a heuristic evaluation on our medium-fidelity prototype. They compiled a report which gave us feedback going into our high-fidelity prototype.

    Read the evaluation
  • 4 Dec 2014

    High fidelity prototype

    We took the feedback from our heuristic evaluation, and with the help of JavaScript, HTML, and the Google Maps API, built a prototype that looks like and almost works like the real thing.

    Read our final project report.
    See our check-in presentation: PDF | PPTX
    Try our prototype: phone version | desktop version
  • 5 Dec 2014

    Final poster and slide

    We presented our hi-fi prototype at the class expo, outlined by our team's poster and slide.

    See our poster
    See our slide
  • 5 Dec 2014

    Prizes at the expo

    unGuided won the "Best Project in Creation Studio" and "Best Startup Idea" awards! :)

Our Team

We guide unGuided!

Tyler Brown


Sujeet Gholap

Design & Development

Samuel Portilla

User Testing

Kevin Zhai

Project Management & Design

Kevin's brainchild, unGuided is an app that lets visitors experience a tour when, where, and how they want created by a variety of sources. There is no starting point, no set path, no required perspective—and no guide. The user can arrive at his or her destination, and using a mobile device’s geolocation, hear and see unique, crowdsourced stories about the places they visit—built by anyone with knowledge and passion for a given space.