20th Anniversary Celebration - February 20, 2011

Hard as it is to believe, we’ve now completed the 20th year of the HCI program at Stanford. We’ve gone forward from small beginnings with just one course to a vibrant program with dozens of courses, multiple CS faculty, and lots of collaborators across campus. We have graduated hundreds of students in the HCI tracks of the PhD, MS, and BS programs in CS, as well as Symbolic Systems. We have created a research program that is widely recognized as doing premier research in design and HCI. Through collaborations with other Stanford groups, such as the d.school, program on liberation technology, the graphics lab, and a number of research projects, we have magnified the impact of HCI and widened its reach.

In twenty years of our weekly speaker series on People Computers and Design we have featured over 500 speakers, with a wide variety of expertise and a shared enthusiasm for moving HCI forward. This anniversary also coincided with Terry's 65th birthday, providing an additional opportunity to reflect on where we've been and where we are going.

Thanks to all who came and made it a memorable day. Whether you were there or not, you may enjoy seeing some of what went on.

Thanks to Jeanne Friedman, who led the event's organization; the student volunteers; and all of you, for attending and making the program such a success. Here's to twenty more!

Terry Winograd, Scott Klemmer, Jeff Heer, and the Stanford HCI group

Session 1: The Origins and Foundations of Stanford HCI
Session 2: Graduates and Collaborators of a Flourishing Program