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Jesse Cirimele is a PhD candidate in Computer Science with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. Jesse has Bachelors degrees in cognitive science and mathematics from UCSD. His previous research investigated adaptive mobile interfaces, mobile health interventions (with professor Abby King of the Stanford Medical School), and improved browser history interfaces (with Google Research).

Publications, Notes, Posters

Leslie Wu, Jesse Cirimele, Stu Card, Scott Klemmer, Larry Chu, Kyle Harrison, Maintaining Shared Mental Models in Anesthesia Crisis Care with Nurse Tablet Input and Large-screen Displays, In Adjunct Proceedings of UIST 2011. Poster.
Jared Bauer, Alex Jansen, Jesse Cirimele, MoodMusic: A Method for Cooperative Generative Music Playlist Creation, In Adjunct Proceedings of UIST 2011. Poster.
Jesse Cirimele, Leslie Wu, Scott Klemmer, Stu Card, Tablet-based Cognitive Aids Reduce Errors and Increase Coordination in Crisis Care Teams, Invited talk at Stanford Medicine 2.0. September, 2011.
Jesse Cirimele, Scott Klemmer, Integrating Speech and Touch to Alleviate Screen Size and Input Constraints in Mobile Devices, In Adjunct Proceedings of UIST 2009. Poster.

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