Dynamic Speedometer:

Dashboard Redesign to Discourage Drivers from Speeding


01 implementation.gif


Information foregrounding

 02 foregrounding.gif

Speedomter displays

03 speedometer displays.gif  


Audio Notification

04 audio notification.gif


Displaying Safety Zone

05 safety zone.gif


Haptic feedback

 06 haptic feedback.gif


Ambient Notification

07 ambient notification.gif


Digital Speedometer

  08 digital speedometer.gif


09 rewards incentives.gif


Displaying Gas Consumption

 10 gas consumption.gif

Emotional Persuasion

11 emotional persuasion.gif

Self Monitoring

  12 self monitoring.gif


13 forcing.gif


Fake Cops

  14 fake cops.gif

Tail Gating

15 tailgating.gif

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