Interface Summary
CalibrationListener The implementor calls calibration methods on an ImageSourceManager and receives acknowledgement(s) that they are complete.

Class Summary
ColorRange Represents a range of colors.
DefaultObjectClassifierView This is the default view for classifiers
IHSColor Represents a color in the IHS Colorspace.
MeanColorClassifier Classifies Phobs, comparing their mean color to this classifier's ideal color.
MeanColorClassifierView This is the view that allows the user to control a MeanColorClassifier.
MotionlessFilter A filter for objects that stay in one place.
PhobCollectionView This is the view that allows the user to train a classifier.
ROIClassifier A classifier that accepts objects that fall within a specific region of interest (ROI).
ShapeAnalogueFactory This class generates a new electronic shape based on the parameters of a physical shape (useful for georeferenced feedback).
SizeClassifierView This is the view that allows the user to control a SizeClassifier.
VisionPhob A VisionPhob represents a single object found by the vision system.
VisionPhobCollection Contains a collection of VisionPhobs and provides aggregate information about the entire collection.
VisionPhobProducer This class takes a camera as input, and uses computer vision to find objects in the camera image.
VisionProcessing A class that performs vision tasks on images.
VisualAnalogueFactory Listens to vision events.