Class VisualAnalogueFactory

  extended by edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc.DefaultAssociationFactory
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
AssociationFactory, edu.berkeley.guir.lib.util.ToShortStringable

public class VisualAnalogueFactory
extends DefaultAssociationFactory

Listens to vision events. Working as a vision listener, it builds and updates a visual representation of the physical world.

Scott Klemmer ( srk(AT) )

Constructor Summary
VisualAnalogueFactory(java.awt.Container container, java.lang.Class visualClass)
Method Summary
 AssociationElt createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
          Create an AssociationElt based on the given phob
 java.lang.String toShortString()
          Provides a short explanation of what this factory will create.
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Constructor Detail


public VisualAnalogueFactory(java.awt.Container container,
                             java.lang.Class visualClass)
Method Detail


public AssociationElt createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
Description copied from interface: AssociationFactory
Create an AssociationElt based on the given phob

Specified by:
createAssociationEltForPhob in interface AssociationFactory
Specified by:
createAssociationEltForPhob in class DefaultAssociationFactory
phob - used to decide what type of AssociationElt to create
the created AssociatoinElt


public java.lang.String toShortString()
Description copied from class: DefaultAssociationFactory
Provides a short explanation of what this factory will create. Should be overriden by subclasses.

Specified by:
toShortString in interface edu.berkeley.guir.lib.util.ToShortStringable
toShortString in class DefaultAssociationFactory