Package edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractAddRemovePanel Implementing classes ought to add their own ActionListeners to the Add/Remove buttons in the constructors.
PapierMache This software is distributed under the Berkeley Software License.
PapierMache.PMacheContentPane A JPanel that auto-resizes itself (and repacks the frame) to be big enough to fit all of the components.
Phob A Phob represents a single physical object, produced by a PhobProducer (e.g., vision, RFID, ...).
PMacheStatePanel Displays the current state of all Phobs and Producers in a JTree.
PMacheTreePanel An abstract class displaying a tree of PMacheTreeNodes.
PMacheWindow A black window
TagPhob Used for Phobs where the only information available is a tag ID and a source, such as RFID and barcodes.