Class PDF417Decoder

  extended by edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.barcode.PDF417Decoder
All Implemented Interfaces:
BarcodeDecoder, CurrentPhobsListener, java.util.EventListener

public class PDF417Decoder
extends java.lang.Object
implements BarcodeDecoder, CurrentPhobsListener

Ray Su ( raysu(AT) ), Scott Klemmer ( srk(AT) ) Based on PDF417Decode C code, originally written by Ian Goldberg, and modified by OOO S. ( This class decodes barcodes found by a Vision Phob Producer. It is robust enough to decode Cybercodes in all orientations except for 1. up-side down orientations 2. orientations where the barcode is capture with perspective skew. The decoder is rather simple, and ignores error correction info. For more information about the PDF417 specification, see Created on Jul 16, 2003

Constructor Summary
PDF417Decoder(VisionPhobProducer visionProducer, BarcodePhobProducer bcodeProducer)
Method Summary
 void phobSetUpdated(CurrentPhobsEvent e)
          Implement a CurrentPhobsListener method.
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Constructor Detail


public PDF417Decoder(VisionPhobProducer visionProducer,
                     BarcodePhobProducer bcodeProducer)
Method Detail


public void phobSetUpdated(CurrentPhobsEvent e)
Implement a CurrentPhobsListener method. When the current set of VisionPhobs get updated, group the phobs based on proximity to one another and attempt to decode all PDF417 barcodes in the set and fire the appropriate PhobEvent.

Specified by:
phobSetUpdated in interface CurrentPhobsListener