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Uses of AssociationNoun in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc

Subclasses of AssociationNoun in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc
 class AssociationWrapper
 class AudioClip
 class FileBrowser
 class ListAssociation
 class MediaClip
          A MediaClip is a particular piece of media, i.e., an audio or video clip.
 class StringWrapper
           This software is distributed under the Berkeley Software License.
 class VideoClip
 class WebPage
          A WebPage's executeAction method, inherited from being a MediaElement, opens up a window with the given url.

Methods in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc with parameters of type AssociationNoun
 void RewindElt.phobAdded(AssociationNoun focusElt)
 void ResetElt.phobAdded(AssociationNoun focusElt)
 void PauseElt.phobAdded(AssociationNoun focusElt)
 void FastForwardElt.phobAdded(AssociationNoun focusElt)
abstract  void AssociationAction.phobAdded(AssociationNoun focus)

Uses of AssociationNoun in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.test

Subclasses of AssociationNoun in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.test
 class ImageBrowser
          Upon initialization, choose a directory with files 1.jpg, 2.jpg ...