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Packages that use AssociationFactory

Uses of AssociationFactory in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc

Classes in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc that implement AssociationFactory
 class AssociationTreeTable
 class ClassInstanceFactory
          With each creation, creates a new element of the same class type.
 class DefaultAssociationFactory
          This interface is used to select what type of media element is to be associated with a new phob.
 class StringFactory
 class UserAssociationFactory

Methods in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc with parameters of type AssociationFactory
 void AssociationTreeTable.addClassifier(ObjectClassifier classifier, AssociationFactory factory)

Uses of AssociationFactory in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.test

Classes in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.test that implement AssociationFactory
 class MarbleAnswering

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Classes in that implement AssociationFactory
 class ShapeAnalogueFactory
          This class generates a new electronic shape based on the parameters of a physical shape (useful for georeferenced feedback).
 class VisualAnalogueFactory
          Listens to vision events.