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Uses of AssociationElt in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc

Subclasses of AssociationElt in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc
 class AssociationAction
          Actions (verbs) do things; they operate on the focus AssociationNoun.
 class AssociationNoun
          Nouns are an object: a person place or thing.
 class AssociationWrapper
 class AudioClip
 class FastForwardElt
 class FileBrowser
 class ListAssociation
 class MediaClip
          A MediaClip is a particular piece of media, i.e., an audio or video clip.
 class PauseElt
 class ResetElt
 class RewindElt
 class StringWrapper
           This software is distributed under the Berkeley Software License.
 class VideoClip
 class WebPage
          A WebPage's executeAction method, inherited from being a MediaElement, opens up a window with the given url.

Methods in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc that return AssociationElt
 AssociationElt UserAssociationFactory.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
 AssociationElt StringFactory.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
abstract  AssociationElt DefaultAssociationFactory.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
 AssociationElt ClassInstanceFactory.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
 AssociationElt AssociationTreeTable.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
          Creates an AssociationElt with the factory whose associated classifier is the first to identify the phob as a member.
 AssociationElt AssociationFactory.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
          Create an AssociationElt based on the given phob

Uses of AssociationElt in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.test

Subclasses of AssociationElt in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.test
 class ImageBrowser
          Upon initialization, choose a directory with files 1.jpg, 2.jpg ...

Methods in edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.test that return AssociationElt
 AssociationElt MarbleAnswering.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)

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Methods in that return AssociationElt
 AssociationElt VisualAnalogueFactory.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
 AssociationElt ShapeAnalogueFactory.createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)