Class StringFactory

  extended by edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc.DefaultAssociationFactory
      extended by edu.berkeley.guir.papier_mache.assoc.StringFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:
AssociationFactory, edu.berkeley.guir.lib.util.ToShortStringable

public class StringFactory
extends DefaultAssociationFactory

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 AssociationElt createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
          Create an AssociationElt based on the given phob
 void setParameter(java.lang.String paramName, java.lang.String paramValue)
          Used when unmarshalling an XML file.
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toShortString, toString
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Constructor Detail


public StringFactory()
Method Detail


public AssociationElt createAssociationEltForPhob(Phob phob)
Description copied from interface: AssociationFactory
Create an AssociationElt based on the given phob

Specified by:
createAssociationEltForPhob in interface AssociationFactory
Specified by:
createAssociationEltForPhob in class DefaultAssociationFactory
phob - used to decide what type of AssociationElt to create
the created AssociatoinElt


public void setParameter(java.lang.String paramName,
                         java.lang.String paramValue)
Description copied from class: DefaultAssociationFactory
Used when unmarshalling an XML file. Subclasses implement this so that the unmarshaller can set all of the parameter fields. The default behavior is to throw an error that the parameter is not a field of the class. If a classifier does not accept a parameter, it should call super.setParameter(), which will invoke this error handler.

Specified by:
setParameter in interface AssociationFactory
setParameter in class DefaultAssociationFactory
paramName - the name of the parameter to set
paramValue - the value of the parameter