Class PDFSheetRenderer

  extended by edu.stanford.hci.r3.render.SheetRenderer
      extended by edu.stanford.hci.r3.render.sheets.PDFSheetRenderer

public class PDFSheetRenderer
extends SheetRenderer

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Note: Really, an existing PDF is more like a bundle.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class edu.stanford.hci.r3.render.SheetRenderer
renderActiveRegionsWithPattern, sheet
Constructor Summary
PDFSheetRenderer(PDFSheet s)
Method Summary
 void renderToG2D(java.awt.Graphics2D g2d)
          We assume the g2d is big enough for us to draw this Sheet to.
 void renderToPDF( destPDFFile)
          Uses the iText package to render a PDF file.
Methods inherited from class edu.stanford.hci.r3.render.SheetRenderer
getPatternInformation, renderToJPEG, renderToJPEG, renderToPDFContentLayers, savePatternInformation, savePatternInformation, setPatternColor, setPatternGenerator, setRenderActiveRegionsWithPattern, useLargerPatternDots, useSmallerPatternDots
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Constructor Detail


public PDFSheetRenderer(PDFSheet s)
s -
Method Detail


public void renderToG2D(java.awt.Graphics2D g2d)
We assume the g2d is big enough for us to draw this Sheet to. By default, the transforms works at 72 dots per inch. Scale the transform beforehand if you would like better (more dots per inch) or worse rendering (fewer dots per inch). TODO: Finish this! =)

renderToG2D in class SheetRenderer
g2d -


public void renderToPDF( destPDFFile)
Uses the iText package to render a PDF file. iText is nice because we can write to a Graphics2D context. Alternatively, we can use PDF-like commands.

renderToPDF in class SheetRenderer
destPDFFile -

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