Package edu.stanford.hci.r3.actions.types

Interface Summary

Class Summary
DisplayGraphicsAction Ideally, this is done with reflection, runtime class loading and compilation, etc.
DisplayGraphicsAction.LocalDisplay Regardless of where the graphics commands are sent, you need to eventually get a LOCAL display and a LOCAL graphics object.
OpenFileAction Opens a local file.
OpenURL2Action Uses BrowserLauncher to launch a URL.
OpenURLAction Uses the default browser to launch the specified URL.
PlaySoundAction Play a sound file.
ProcessInformationAction Allows you to pass some information.
RobotAction Makes the machine run low level keyboard and mouse actions.
RobotAction.RobotCommand Embodies a robot method and its arguments.
RunAppAction Run a local file, that is either in the system PATH, or addressed by an absolute path.
RunJavaAppAction Runs the main method of a java class.
TextToSpeechAction Speaks some text, if the receiving machine has FreeTTS installed (or some other JSAPI engine).

Enum Summary
RobotAction.MouseWheelDirection multiply by these to set a direction
RobotAction.RobotMethod Different things you can ask a robot to do.

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