Class ActionSender

  extended by edu.stanford.hci.r3.actions.remote.ActionSender

public class ActionSender
extends java.lang.Object

Create this object, and connect it to a remote ActionReceiver (which is a server). Then, whenever you invoke a remote action, this will send the action across the wire to the ActionReceiver, so that the receiver can invoke the action on its local machine.

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Constructor Summary
ActionSender(java.lang.String serverNameOrIPAddr, int port, ClientServerType type)
Method Summary
 void disconnect()
          Stop talking to the remote server.
 void invokeRemoteAction(R3Action action)
          Invokes the action as soon as possible on a remote device.
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Constructor Detail


public ActionSender(java.lang.String serverNameOrIPAddr,
                    int port,
                    ClientServerType type)
serverNameOrIPAddr -
port -
type -
Method Detail


public void disconnect()
Stop talking to the remote server.


public void invokeRemoteAction(R3Action action)
Invokes the action as soon as possible on a remote device.

action -

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