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Public Member Functions

 StackedLayout ()
 Create a horizontal StackLayout.
 StackedLayout (int orientation)
 Create a StackLayout with the given orientation.
 StackedLayout (int orientation, int margin)
 Create a StackLayout with the given orientation and space between components.
void addLayoutComponent (String tag, Component comp)
 Add the specified component to the layout, parsing the layout tag.
void layoutContainer (Container parent)
 Lays out the specified container.
Dimension minimumLayoutSize (Container parent)
 Calculate the minimum size dimensions for the specififed container.
Dimension preferredLayoutSize (Container parent)
 Calculate the preferred size dimensions for the specififed container.
void removeLayoutComponent (Component comp)
 Remove the specified component from the layout.

Static Public Attributes

static final int HORIZONTAL = 0
 The orientation constant for horizontal layouts.
static final int VERTICAL = 1
 The orientation constant for vertical layouts.

Package Functions

Dimension computeLayoutSize (Container parent, boolean preferred)
int countDigits (String tag, int i)
int[] getCode (Component comp)
int parseArg (String tag, int i, int n)
boolean stretches (Component comp)

Package Attributes

final Map< Component, int[]> codeTable = new Hashtable<Component, int[]>()
int defaultCode [] = { CENTER, CENTER, 0, 0 }
int margin = 2
int orientation = HORIZONTAL

Static Package Attributes

static final int ABS = 0x08
static final int BACK = 0x02
static final int CENTER = 0x00
static final int FILL = 0x04
static final int FLUSH = 0x10
static final int FRONT = 0x01
static final int POSMASK = 0x03
static final int SIZEMASK = 0x0C

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