DebugUtils Class Reference

A utility for printing messages and seeing which file they originated from. More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static int getDebugPriorityMask ()
static boolean isDebugTraceOn ()
static synchronized void print (Object object)
static synchronized void println (Object object)
static synchronized void println (Object object, int debugPriority)
static synchronized void printlnWithStackOffset (Object object, int additionalStackOffset)
static void setDebugPriorityMask (int priorityMask)
static void setDebugTraceVisible (boolean debugTrace)

Detailed Description

A utility for printing messages and seeing which file they originated from.

This class will also provide support for creating debug levels (not really implemented yet).

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B. Yeh (ronyeh(AT)
Sep 1, 2004 created at FSCA.

Jul 8, 2005 imported to HCILib.

Jun 8, 2006 cleaned up stuff. changed format.

Aug 8, 2006 added to R3.

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Member Function Documentation

static int getDebugPriorityMask (  )  [static]

the debugPriorityMask

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static boolean isDebugTraceOn (  )  [static]

the debugTrace

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static synchronized void print ( Object  object  )  [static]


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static synchronized void println ( Object  object,
int  debugPriority 
) [static]

debugPriority an int that describes how important this message is. If it is greater than debugPriorityMask, then it will be printed out. If it is less than debugLevel, then it will be hidden.

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References DebugUtils.println().

static synchronized void println ( Object  object  )  [static]

object the object to print out

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References DebugUtils.printlnWithStackOffset().

Referenced by DebugUtils.println().

static synchronized void printlnWithStackOffset ( Object  object,
int  additionalStackOffset 
) [static]


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Referenced by DebugUtils.println().

static void setDebugPriorityMask ( int  priorityMask  )  [static]

debugPriorityMask the debugPriorityMask to set

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static void setDebugTraceVisible ( boolean  debugTrace  )  [static]

debugTrace the debugTrace to set

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