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Public Member Functions

void penDown (PenSample sample)
abstract void penStroke (InkStroke stroke)
 Notify that a new penstroke has occured.
void penUp (PenSample sample)
 Samples for penUp have x & y set to 0.
void sample (PenSample sample)

Detailed Description

This lives in the streaming.listeners package because you cannot use this listener directly if your pattern spans multiple sheets. This listener stores information in raw Streaming PenSamples, so you will have to do the calculations yourself... This class is definitely for experts only!

The class also doesn't do any filtering, so if the pen is bad, you will get lots of PenDown/PenUps in rapid succession.

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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Member Function Documentation

void penDown ( PenSample  sample  ) 

See also:

Implements PenListener.

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References PenStrokeListener.sample().

abstract void penStroke ( InkStroke  stroke  )  [pure virtual]

Notify that a new penstroke has occured.


Referenced by PenStrokeListener.penUp().

void penUp ( PenSample  sample  ) 

Samples for penUp have x & y set to 0.


Implements PenListener.

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References PenStrokeListener.penStroke().

void sample ( PenSample  sample  ) 

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Implements PenListener.

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Referenced by PenStrokeListener.penDown().

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