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 InkSimplification ()
boolean processNewSample (PenSample sample)
void reset ()
void simplifyStroke (InkStroke currentStroke)

Detailed Description

Handles real-time or batched simplification of ink strokes. This can make ink look better, or speed up the rendering of ink (by minimizing the number of samples to be drawn).

The stroke simplification algorithm this smooths out little bumps

If the stroke is in the same general direction (within the 90 degree cone of the most recent velocity vectors), then we only add new points if they are far enough away...

If the stroke is turning in a different direction, then the threshold is much smaller...

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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Member Function Documentation

boolean processNewSample ( PenSample  sample  ) 

true if we should KEEP this sample. false if we should just disregard it, as it is too close to the recent samples.

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References PenSample.timestamp, PenSample.x, and PenSample.y.

Referenced by InkSimplification.simplifyStroke().

void simplifyStroke ( InkStroke  currentStroke  ) 


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References InkStroke.getSamples(), InkSimplification.processNewSample(), InkSimplification.reset(), and InkStroke.setSamples().

Referenced by PenSimulator.mouseReleased().

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