ShapeContext Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ShapeContext (ArrayList< PenSample > controlPointsInput, String authorName)
ArrayList< ShapeHistogramgenerateShapeHistogram (int points, int dummy_padding, boolean rotationInvariant, boolean timeSensitive)
double[][] points ()
double[][] points (int N)
void quillWrite (Writer writer) throws IOException
ArrayList< PenSampleresample (int samples)
int size ()
ArrayList< PenSampletangents (int samples)

Static Public Member Functions

static double[] logPolarAndTime (PenSample first, PenSample second, double distanceScaling, double baseRotation)
static double renormalize (double theta)

Static Public Attributes

static int bands = 3

Package Functions

double blend (int i, double t)
PenSample blendHelper (int i, double t)
double dblend_du (int i, double t)
PenSample tangent (int i, double t)

Package Attributes

String authorName
ArrayList< PenSamplecontrolPoints = new ArrayList<PenSample>()

Detailed Description

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Avi Robinson-Mosher

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