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 BatchedEventHandler (String theName)
 Create an Event Handler for reading in Batched Ink Files, synched over USB.
void batchedDataArrived (File xmlDataFile)
abstract void inkArrived (Ink inkOnThisPage)
 Handlers will get this notification for every <page>.
String toString ()

Detailed Description

Reads in XML request files as Ink objects.

TODO: We need to change this to allow for real event handling, after the fact. Basically, we could allow a user to "play back" the batched events, if necessary. They could accomplish this through a slider or something (as a debugging environment). Would this be useful for the end user too? Imagine if the end user saw the stream of events, and could see which event handlers were actuated when. Maybe we can cancel some strokes (after the fact)?

For example, if the system recognizes a TODO somewhere, we might want to cancel that event.

TODO: We should also change this to parse XML "for real", so we can get at attributes such as the segment, shelf, book, page, etc...

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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void batchedDataArrived ( File  xmlDataFile  ) 


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References Ink.addStroke(), BatchedEventHandler.inkArrived(), Ink.setName(), and Ink.setSourcePageAddress().

abstract void inkArrived ( Ink  inkOnThisPage  )  [pure virtual]

Handlers will get this notification for every <page>.

..</page> that is read in from disk.


Referenced by BatchedEventHandler.batchedDataArrived().

String toString (  ) 

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