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Public Member Functions

 RegionGroup (String rgName, Units xOrigin, Units yOrigin)
void addRegion (Region childRegion, Coordinates relativeCoord)
Units getHeight ()
String getName ()
Coordinates getRegionOffset (Region child)
List< RegiongetRegions ()
Units getWidth ()
double getXOffsetInInches ()
double getYOffsetInInches ()

Detailed Description

Essentially, a stupid version of CompoundRegion. It is a collection of Regions that will share a single offset relative to their parent sheet. They also have offsets within this RegionGroup. However, you cannot put RegionGroups within RegionGroups. It's just a flat list of Regions, to assist with layout.

Internally, everything is computed in Inches.

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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Member Function Documentation

void addRegion ( Region  childRegion,
Coordinates  relativeCoord 

childRegion a child region

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References Units.getConversionTo(), Region.getScaleX(), Region.getScaleY(), Region.getShape(), Region.getUnits(), Units.getValueIn(), Coordinates.getX(), and Coordinates.getY().

String getName (  ) 


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Coordinates getRegionOffset ( Region  child  ) 


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List<Region> getRegions (  ) 


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Units getWidth (  ) 


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Referenced by FlowPaperLayout.layoutRegionGroups().

double getXOffsetInInches (  ) 


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References Units.getValueInInches().

double getYOffsetInInches (  ) 


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References Units.getValueInInches().

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