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Public Types

enum  GestureDirection {
  E, N, NE, NW,
  S, SE, SW, W

Public Member Functions

void handleEvent (PenEvent event)
abstract void handleMark (PenEvent e, GestureDirection dir)
String toString ()

Detailed Description

Can handle simple marking gestures by default.

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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Member Enumeration Documentation

enum GestureDirection

Handles drags in one of eight directions.

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Member Function Documentation

void handleEvent ( PenEvent  event  )  [virtual]

See also:

Implements EventHandler.

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References PercentageCoordinates.getActualValueInXDirection(), PercentageCoordinates.getActualValueInYDirection(), PenEvent.getPercentageLocation(), Units.getValue(), GestureHandler.handleMark(), PenEvent.isTypePenDown(), and PenEvent.isTypePenUp().

abstract void handleMark ( PenEvent  e,
GestureDirection  dir 
) [pure virtual]


Referenced by GestureHandler.handleEvent().

String toString (  )  [virtual]

the Event Handler's Name

Implements EventHandler.

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