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Public Types

enum  ImageLocation {

Public Member Functions

 DisplayChannel (Device device)
void showInk ()
void displayImage (File imgFile, double maxWidthAsPercentageOfDisplay, double maxHeightAsPercentageOfDisplay, ImageLocation where)

Detailed Description

A Local/Remote JFrame and associated Graphics2D object, essentially. Calls to this graphics2D are handled differently depending on whether the device is local or not. If it is a remote device, the commands are replicated across the wire to the actual device. Don't do toooo many, of course... Need to load local images and such.

This class needs to know whether it's local or remote, and it will handle the display accordingly. If it is remote, it will ask the associated action receiver to create a display object, etc.

TODO: Alternatively, we can implement a remote Display channel that runs in Apollo/Flash! That means, we can have really nice vector graphics that can scale to the display size!

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)cs.stanford.edu)

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Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ImageLocation

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DisplayChannel ( Device  device  ) 


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Member Function Documentation

void displayImage ( File  imgFile,
double  maxWidthAsPercentageOfDisplay,
double  maxHeightAsPercentageOfDisplay,
ImageLocation  where 


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