InkPanel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 InkPanel ()
 Default Catmull-Rom method.
 InkPanel (InkRenderer inkRenderer, Color bgColor)
 Choose your own renderer.
void addInk (Ink ink)
Ink addNewInk ()
void clear ()
 Remove all the ink from the ink panel.
void displayInvertedInkColor ()
List< InkgetAllInk ()
double getScale ()
void removeLastBatchOfInk ()
 Used to remove the most-recently added ink object.
void setAllInk (List< Ink > theInk)
void setRenderer (InkRenderer r)
void setScale (double theScale)

Protected Member Functions

Override void paintComponent (Graphics g)
 Redraw the ink strokes.

Protected Attributes

List< InkinkWell = Collections.synchronizedList(new LinkedList<Ink>())
 A collection of ink objects that have been added to this JPanel.

Detailed Description

Renders Ink in a JPanel using catmull-rom splines. You may swap in simpler renderers if this becomes slow. Also, this provides some customization that allows you to zoom in and out, pan, and align the ink with imagery. =)

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InkPanel ( InkRenderer  inkRenderer,
Color  bgColor 

Choose your own renderer.


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Member Function Documentation

void addInk ( Ink  ink  ) 


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References InkPanel.inkWell.

Referenced by GestureDatabase.display().

Ink addNewInk (  ) 

the newly added Ink object.

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References InkPanel.inkWell.

Referenced by PenSimulator.mouseReleased().

List<Ink> getAllInk (  ) 

the reference to the ink. This is NOT a copy!

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References InkPanel.inkWell.

Override void paintComponent ( Graphics  g  )  [protected]

Redraw the ink strokes.

See also:

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References InkPanel.inkWell, InkRenderer.renderToG2D(), InkRenderer.setInk(), and InkRenderer.useInvertedInkColors().

void setAllInk ( List< Ink theInk  ) 


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References InkPanel.inkWell.

void setRenderer ( InkRenderer  r  ) 


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void setScale ( double  theScale  ) 


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Member Data Documentation

List<Ink> inkWell = Collections.synchronizedList(new LinkedList<Ink>()) [protected]

A collection of ink objects that have been added to this JPanel.

Feel free to access it, if you are a subclass. Make sure to call repaint though!

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Referenced by InkPanel.addInk(), InkPanel.addNewInk(), InkPanel.clear(), InkPanel.getAllInk(), InkPanel.paintComponent(), InkPanel.removeLastBatchOfInk(), and InkPanel.setAllInk().

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