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Public Member Functions

 ActionJavaObjectXMLMessenger (Socket s)
byte[] getMessage (R3Action action)
 Turns an R3Action into an xml string and then into the bytes we need to send.

Detailed Description

Sends an R3 Action as a Java object serialized to xml over a socket.

TODO: Seems like we could integrate this with PenServer's equivalent classes. How do we make it generic so that we can send an object over and either consider it a pen sample, or an action? Might be simpler to keep them separate for now. There are some issues with the way we serialize (removing spaces, et cetera).

This software is distributed under the BSD License.

Ron B Yeh (ronyeh(AT)

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ActionJavaObjectXMLMessenger ( Socket  s  ) 


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Member Function Documentation

byte [] getMessage ( R3Action  action  )  [virtual]

Turns an R3Action into an xml string and then into the bytes we need to send.

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Implements ActionMessenger.

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References ActionMessenger.LINE_SEPARATOR.

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