Download the Demos

The demonstration applications are hosted in the same repository as the R3 toolkit. However, it is under a different branch, so when you download the toolkit, you do not get any of the demo apps.

  1. The repository URL is:
    Note that in the figure below, my URL starts with https. If you are a developer on this project, with write access, you can use https. For read only access, use http.

    Warning: This might take a while. The demo branch contains some data files, so try using a wired connection (or 802.11g) to download the files.

  2. Download it to your machine (e.g., to \Projects\R3Demos) , and create a new Java project with Eclipse, pointing it to the directory where you downloaded the demos.

    Project Tree

    At the time of this writing, the only running demo is the Sketch! application. Navigate to edu.stanford.hci.r3.demos.sketch, and you can look at the source code.
  3. The examples package will contain short code snippets showing you how to use different R3 features.
  4. The data/ folder contains data that the demo applications use.
  5. Have fun!

Ron B. Yeh
Stanford University