Thoth Note


Human memory is a notoriously fragile thing and it is all to easy to fail to recall some important detail that you know you should remember. Since mobile phones are one of the few things that we almost always have with us, how can our phones better support us in the different activities that we do? Sometimes we want to remember names for a social event, other times we need to refresh on course notes or meeting summarizations. How can we make mobile phones a better extension of our memory?

We believe that we mobile technology can help in these situations where you need a memory aid. By using event capture, post-event summarization, and context-appropriate memory priming we believe we can improve on the baseline of hand written notes and basic event recording. Some techniques that we believe will be useful are structured and unstructured tagging of recorded audio, incorporate post processing of event into normal work flow and minimizing as much as possible, and using this processed information effectively by being able to present it at the right time to augment work on a related project or prime the user for an upcoming event.

The final goal is to make the ideas used in the system generalizable to a variety of contexts including note taking and class review, project meetings, ethnography, music rehearsals, and social events.

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Jesse Cirimele